Last 10 years has seen significant change in the ways organisations can market their wares: internet has revolutionised communication between buyers & sellers

Traditional advertising was less of a science, harder to measure and could require significant investment

The internet introduced transparency, cost efficiencies and different way of communicating

AJP has harnessed technology and applies it across the spectrum of it’s products and services to ensure Marketing Directors/budget holders get the maximum out of every advertising £ invested

a. The response to a Product card mailing can be tracked online and the leads assessed via our Tracking Centre

b. eBooks ensure prospects receive a clients product data in an email in their inbox in Outlook

c. Clients and their customers meet at Approved Business via Google and/or other Search Engines via their web Browser

d. Underpinning these activities is the reassurance of nearly two million traditional postal mailings.

e. Product Cards are also mirrored online

AJP is the comprehensive and cost effective solution to reaching a targeted buying audience across 30 specialist markets

‘The quality of the cards and the leads generated are second to none.’
Michala Ford, Marketing Manager
Safety Technology Int’l (Europe) Ltd

‘Product Cards have proved to be a far more cost effect method of advertising ‘
Kim Bull, Director
Austin Luce


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