Approved Business

Approved Business

In today’s market accessing products that are traditionally hard to source is made easier by dedicated business directories.

Approved Business is much more than a business directory, it’s an internet site that brings specialist buyers and sellers of products and services together to trade.

Launched in 1997, our business Exchange is the fastest growing part of AJP Publishing Group’s portfolio.

Made up of over 5,000 companies (SME & Public Sector) covering 30 specialist markets, over 200 new organisations sign up to a subscription each month.

Designed to be search engine efficient, AJP invests heavily in optimisation so our Exchange evolves to meet new legislation. Clients achieve premium coverage in the leading search engines via Approved Business.

Clients are able to subscribe to three levels of service:

  1. Full Featured (Platinum): xxxxxxx
  2. Standard Listing (Gold): xxxxxxx
  3. Free listing (Silver): xxxxxxxxx

It’s important to remember that AJP offers a comprehensive range of communication solutions. Underpinning the success of the Exchange is the two million postal mailings care of Product cards (approx 60 million individual cards bearing This further supplemented by 500,000 emails per annum.

The success of the Exchange is perhaps best measured by the customers who use it: currently some 35,000 unique users access the Exchange each month and traffic is audited: search engine visits grew by 10% month on month throughout 2007 and the trend continues.

If your business manufactures products or develops services aimed at SME’s or the Public Sector across our key markets you cannot afford not to be registered on

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